Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server xRM is Your Best Tool for Any Relationship

What is xRM?
xRM is a business application framework that accelerates the development and delivery of enterprise-class, relational business applications. It the one of the amazing extensibility features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it moves you to a space where sky is the limit. xRM capabilities forged from customization, configuration and business process automation investments.
xRM Architecture Components

· Integrated to Microsoft Office
· Schema extension
· Custom UI
· Custom workflow
· Multi-lingual/-currency/-tenant
· Offline support
· Extensible/support for Integration
· Active directory for SSO
· Enterprise capabilities with SQL Server

xRM Solution Deployment
· xRM solution is considered part of the Dynamics CRM server once it is deployed on the CRM server.
· There are 3 Dynamics CRM client types: Web, mobile and Outlook client. This means they are the xRM clients seamlessly.
· Dynamics CRM can be On-premise/partner hosted.
· xRM solution is upgraded seamlessly with the upgrade of the Dynamics CRM server.
· You can easily package your xRM customization in the form of XML format.

xRM Solution Administration and Management
· xRM solution supports the normal Dynamics CRM server Data import and export.
· xRM solutions uses the same powerful security model of Microsoft dynamics CRM server.
· You can apply the out of the box analytics and reporting tools of the Microsoft dynamics CRM server, or you can extend these reports using the SQL server reporting tool easily.
· xRM as part of the Dynamics CRM server , enjoy the very powerful scalability model of the Microsoft dynamics CRM server .

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